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2021 The Year that Was

2021 was supposed to be a much better year, but Covid is still rumbling on and it looks like it will be here for quite some time. But fear not because Centenary Hire is still here, ready to help you with all your equipment needs. Here is a rundown of our latest acquisitions, some old favourites, and a few items we have upgraded ready for 2022.

M Class Dust Extraction Vacuum – if you need a heavy-duty dust extraction vacuum cleaner, the M Class dust extractor is the one for the job. It’s ideal for concrete dust, although a cyclone separator must be used.

Roofers’ Safety Kit – our roofer’s safety kit has been updated in the last 12 months, and it includes a harness, lanyard, lock/release rope, anchor strap, and carry bag.

Electric Concrete Saw – this electric concrete saw is a new addition to our hire catalogue, and we’re sure you will find it useful for cutting through brick and block walls. It’s ideal for working in a confined space and has a wet or dry cutting option. The saw comes with a splash guard or vacuum attachment.

Meteor Floor Grinder – the Meteor floor grinder is an addition to our floor range. It is perfect for grinding and smoothing floors. Hire this one as part of a grinder and vacuum kit.

Kanga Kid Skid Steer Loader – the Kanga Kid mini loaded is a brand-new piece of kit. We love this one as it’s a strong, capable workhorse. Hire it if you have a lot of earth and loose debris to move. It’s not suitable for major digging or excavation, but it will come in handy if you have a pile of soil or gravel to relocate. The Kanga Kid also comes with a host of handy attachments for tasks like digging holes for posts.

Turf Cutter – our turf cutter has been updated for the new year. Hire this one if you have a lawn to remove.

Lawn Dethatcher – the lawn dethatcher is a new addition to our catalogue. It’s great for removing weeds, moss, and aerating a lawn to let the nutrients in.

500mm Rotary Surface Cleaner – if you have a large area to clean, such as a factory floor or tennis court, the 500mm rotary surface cleaner is the tool you need. We added this one to the catalogue this year and it’s already proving popular!

Give us a call if you need to hire some equipment for your next project – we’d love to help!

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