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Cordless Auto Feed Screwdriver

No More Tripping Over Cords!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s nothing worse than having electrical cords and extension leads getting caught around your feet, your work platform and pretty much everything else that is between you and the power source.  No more! Introducing our updated CORDLESS Auto Feed Screwdriver.

Auto Feed Screwdrivers are fantastic for securing plasterboard to wall and ceiling frames as they can be loaded with strips of 50 screws.  Once the screw strip is loaded it is just a simple case of squeeze the trigger then push the nose of the auto feed screwdriver onto the surface to be secured. Easy as that.  There is even an adjustment dial to get the screws seated a little further in or a little further out.

Needless to say the Cordless Auto Feed Screwdriver has all of these great features as well as increased rotational speed which ensures even smoother screw driving.  Did we mention that it is cordless?

Available for hire now.  View the hire rates and specifications in our Equipment Catalogue.

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