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Why new equipment is the best equipment!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a walk down any aisle in your local tool store and you’ll instantly understand the appeal of a shiny new piece of equipment. It’s clean with pristine paintwork and often equipped with the latest advances in engineering – new and upgraded equipment is awesome to work with.

Instead of cluttering up your shed, workshop or garage with equipment that may get used once-in-a-blue-moon, you should check out our range of new and upgraded equipment.

You see, we’re constantly on the lookout for new equipment that will make your projects easier as well as new models of existing equipment that have better features. Over the last 12 months here are examples of some exciting equipment purchases.

Meteor Floor Grinder

A commercial quality floor grinder that’s also suitable for domestic projects, the Meteor Floor Grinder is a renovator’s dream.  Designed to easily make short work of glue residue, paint, epoxy and tile adhesive to prepare a concrete floor for a new covering it can also take care of small trip lips and high spots in concrete finishes.

Its advanced design makes gouging a thing of the past thanks to the specially-designed coupling which allows the diamond tooling head to follow the undulations of the floor.

The Meteor comes with a full shroud for general grinding as well as an edge shroud allowing the machine to grind as close as 2mm from the edges of vertical walls.

Get hire rates for the Meteor Floor Grinder here.

60kg Plate Compactor

A plate compactor is an indispensable piece of construction equipment that is used to compact different types of soil, gravel and sand. By creating a solid foundation for the work that will follow on top of it greatly reduces the risk of future settling.

The 60kg plate compactor is very easy and straightforward to use. Once the machine is turned on the agitator causes the flat, heavy plate on the base of the machine to vibrate forcing the ground material to compact and pack together more tightly.

It is very versatile compactor because of its narrow width making it perfect for narrow access sites as well as pedestrian walkways, small paved areas, water tank pads and even trench footings. It also has a fold down handle for transport which reduces the overall height of the compactor to 600mm.

Get hire rates for the 60kg Plate Compactor here.

125mm & 175mm Surface Grinders

A surface grinder is a machine with a diamond encrusted circular grinding wheel. The two upgraded surface grinders in Centenary Hire’s equipment catalogue are the 125mm surface grinder and the 175mm surface grinder.

These hand-held concrete grinders are high-speed aggressive units used for grinding small or hard to access concrete surfaces. They are perfect for removing small trip lips, where two surfaces join at uneven heights or for edges of concrete abutting a wall or other vertical structure.

Get hire rates on the 125mm Surface Grinder here.

Get hire rates on the 175mm Surface Grinder here.


The workhorse of any yard or construction project, our new wheelbarrows have three great features. Solid filled tyres to take away the annoyance of flat and under-inflated tyres, steel handles with grips mean no more splinters from wooden handles and they have a sturdy steel bucket.

Get the hire rates on the wheelbarrow here.

Dust Extraction Vacuum

Purpose built to work with our grinding and sanding equipment, these compact dust extraction vacuums are the perfect and often necessary addition when using a concrete grinder or plasterboard sander.  One of their key features is the automatic self-cleaning filter and the added ability of a deep clean cycle.

It has a tank capacity of 25 litres, and does not require dust collection bags. Instead the vacuum comes complete with a cyclone separator which acts as a pre-filter for the vacuum, catching more than70% of the dust produced.

Get the hire rates on the dust extraction vacuum here.

Hi Tip Dumper

Our recently available Hi Tip Dumper is the ultimate back saviour! With a load capacity of 800kg, it is every builder and landscaper’s dream for moving bulk materials on and off job sites. This specialist narrow access dumper is only 850mm wide, making it perfect for narrow access sites, as it can squeeze through standard doorways, and will fit inside lifts.

It will tip at 1.4m which is perfect for tipping straight into skip bins, utes and tip trucks.

Get the hire rates on our Hi Tip Dumper here.

Chipper, Mulcher Shredder

Make short work of your yard pruning and maintenance with our new Chipper, Mulcher, Shredder. This powerful machine is powered by a 30hp V-Twin engine and is strong enough to chip branches up to 100mm thick. What’s more the combination of the mulching hopper it will happily chomp through smaller leaves and branches as well as sub-tropical plants with a high water content, all of which makes for fantastic garden mulch.

You can even shred paper and cardboard through the mulching hopper.

Get hire rates on the Chipper, Mulcher, Shredder here.

4” Transfer Pump

Transfer pumps are designed to move large volumes of water very quickly. The 4” transfer pump is perfect for draining swimming pools, large ponds or dams, flooded basement carparks and many other industrial uses.

Get the hire rates on our 4” Transfer pump here.

Lawn Roller

Maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn takes work, but tools like our new Lawn Roller makes the job a little easier. The lawn roller is used to help level the soil and improve the overall appearance of the lawn as well as speeding up the establishment of newly seeded or turfed lawns.

On a newly turfed lawn, a lawn roller is designed to remove air pockets and ensure that the roots are in contact with the soil beneath.

On an established lawn, using a lawn roller periodically helps smooths the grass so you can identify where new turf or seed are needed. It can also help to smooth the lawn prior to mowing, which prevents damage to the turf and to your mower.

Get the hire rates on our Lawn Roller here.

Pool Fence Panels

Now you can set up a safe perimeter around your swimming pool with our high-quality pool fence panels. In accordance with Queensland pool fencing laws, temporary pool fence panels are required during the construction of your pool or spa until your permanent fencing has been erected. Our new pool fence panels comply with Australian Standard 1926.1-2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

The panels whilst being very strong and secure are easy to install and dismantle and come with an installation guide.

Get the hire rates on our Pool Fence Panels here.

10.8m Extension Ladder

The “BIG Daddy” of all extension ladders, our 10.8m (38ft) extension ladder is the longest legally available ladder in Australia. It is made from durable, heavy duty aluminium and can extend from 6.3m – 10.8m.

Get the hire rates on our 10.8m extension ladder here.

5.8m Scissor Lift

If a big ladder’s not your style, maybe our 5.8m scissor lift is better suited for your purposes.

This aerial work platform is ideal or indoor or outdoor construction and maintenance tasks.  At only 760mm wide and fits through doorways in in many narrow access areas. Safe and secure, it will elevate you to a platform height of 5.8m (19’).

Get our hire rates on the 5.8m Scissor Lift here.

Demolition Saw

Ideal for making short work of concrete slabs, bricks or concrete walls, our new model demolition saws are a dream to start as they don’t have a choke switch and are almost impossible to flood.   Working with the new Stihl TS500i models is also much less messy than before as the water feed turns on and off automatically when the trigger is depressed and released.

Get the hire rates on our Demolition Saw here.

Chemical Toilet

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, and if your project is going to disrupt your plumbing or doesn’t have plumbing yet, then a chemical toilet is a must have. Pump outs are available via a servicing schedule or on request.

All our chemical toilets feature a modern and spacious design with fresh water for flushing and hand washing while our dedicated stock of Event Toilets also come with a light and motion activated internal LED light for evening parties and events.

Get the hire rates on our Chemical Toilet here.

At Centenary Hire, we have a wide range of construction tools and accessories, with something to suit every project. Contact our Hire Desk now to make arrangement for your next equipment hire.


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