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Concrete floor grinder

New Meteor Floor Grinder Leaves its Mark

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n addition to our popular low speed floor grinders, we now offer a more aggressive and efficient Meteor Floor Grinder.  This style of floor grinder is often used by professional flooring contractors  for it’s superior performance and ease of use.

What will it do?
This Meteor Floor Grinder will make short work of paint, mortar and glue removal from concrete floors including hard bonds such as epoxies.  It is also suitable for “knocking down trip lips” where concrete has cracked or there is a slight difference in the height of slabs.

As many customers do not have their own diamond cup wheels, we have put together a Meteor Floor Grinder Kit which includes the Meteor Floor Grinder as well as 1 diamond cup wheel.  We will even match the diamond cup wheel to your specific job type and additional wheels may also be hired separately.

If your job is inside, or if dust reduction is an important requirement on your job site, we also offer a Meteor Floor Grinder & Vac Kit.  Taking these items in kit form significantly reduced the hire costs than if the items were taken individually.

Speak with our guys on the Hire Desk about your job and which machine would be most suitable (Ph. 3715 9700) or click here to book the Meteor Floor Grinder Kit online now.

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