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H Frame Scaffold

H Frame Scaffold

H frame scaffold is only available for dry hire.  Centenary Hire does not assemble scaffold, we only supply scaffold components.

Scaffold components and specifications are listed below.  Work out what components you require and call our Hire Desk for a quotation or click here to email them to us for a quotation.

0.6m (2′) H Frame
0.9m (3′) H Frame  |  0.9m (3′) Brace
1.2m (4′) H Frame  |  1.2m (4′) Brace
1.5m (5′) H Frame  |  1.5m (5′) Brace
Screw Feet (adjustable)
Safety Rail Post  |  Safety Rail  |  Safety End Rail  |  Safety Rail Holder
Safety Mesh  |  Safety End Mesh
Steel Plank  |  H Frame Solid Deck  |  H Frame Hatch Deck
Swivel Couple  |  Right Angle Couple
Butt Tube  |  1.0m Tube  |  2.0m Tube  |  3.0m Tube  |  4.0m Tube  |  5.0m Tube  |  6.0m Tube

Bay dimension: 1800mm (L) x 1200mm (W)
WLL: 750kg – Heavy Duty Scaffold

Frame Scaffold Erection Guide

Please Note:
By law a competent person is allowed to assemble scaffold to a platform height of 3.9m.

Any platform height 4.0m or over must be assembled by a person with a scaffold licence.

Also available:
Small Bricklayer’s Trestle
Medium Bricklayer’s Trestle


H frame scaffold is a ‘heavy duty’ modular scaffold.  When assembled, a single bay of scaffold has a footprint of 1200mm (W) x 1800mm (L).  The height of the bay is determined by the size frames which are used.