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Aluminium Tower

Aluminium Tower

By law a competent person is allowed to assemble scaffold to a platform height of 3.9m.
Any platform height 4.0m or over must be assembled by a person with a scaffold license.

Platform Height 4 HRS 1 DAY 1 WEEK
1.5m Tower n/a $93.50 $93.50
2.0m Tower n/a $93.50 $93.50
2.5m Tower n/a $93.50 $115.50
3.0m Tower n/a $104.50 $137.50
3.5m Tower* n/a $121.00 $159.50
3.9m Tower* n/a $137.50 $181.50
4.5m Tower* n/a $154.00 $203.50
5.0m Tower* n/a $170.50 $225.50
5.5m Tower* n/a $187.00 $247.50
6.0m Tower* n/a $203.50 $269.50
6.5m Tower* n/a $220.00 $291.50
7.0m Tower* n/a $236.50 $313.50
7.5m Tower* n/a $253.00 $335.50

* Scaffold must be fitted with outriggers or tied to a permanent structure for stability.

An aluminium tower is component / modular scaffold which can be built to any platform height up to 7.5m with multiple platform heights possible. Once assembled this scaffold is light enough to be pushed into position or moved from one location to another.

The hire rate on an aluminium tower is calculated to the platform height, not the overall height of the tower which includes the safety rails above the platform.

Hire includes:
All necessary building and stabilisation components to the designated platform height.
Safety frame and handrails above the platform.
Tower assembly instructions including a diagram of the intended design.

Work platform dimensions: 2400mm (L) x 1200mm (W)
WLL: 225kg – Light duty scaffold


Trailer or Ute


An aluminium tower is component / modular scaffold which can be built to varying platform heights, with multiple platform heights possible.