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Are Your Drains Draining?

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]as the recent wet weather washed your storm water drains clean or has it revealed some sort of obstruction? When the garden hose and broom handles don’t get the water flowing again, consider some of the equipment which will give you a much better chance of success. All require a little bit of elbow grease but are not difficult to use.

For loose obstructions like leafy matter, maybe some twigs or even a stubborn toad, a set of Drain Rods rods will often do the trick. Simply push them into the drain opening, joining them end on end as you go until you reach the obstruction. Turn the handle which will agitate and break up the obstruction and with the aid of water from the garden hose will move it along clearing the drain.
More stubborn obstructions can be tackled with a Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaner. This uses the power of high pressure water to travel along the storm water pipe and to blast any obstruction in its path.
Finally, if you a dealing with the possibility of tree roots or the unknown, you can’t go past an Electric Eel Drain Cleaner. Using a combination of opening, cutting and clearing heads this powerful drain cleaner will handle most obstructions with a very low risk of damaging the wall of your storm water pipes.
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