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Make the most of your equipment hire

How to maximise your equipment hire & minimise your spend!

Whether you’re a tradie or a DIY weekend warrior, chances are at some stage you’re going need hire equipment to start or finish a job and that’s where Centenary Hire can help. With an equipment hire range that includes more than 200 different types of tools, machinery & scaffold we can help you to get the job done.  Our industry-tough equipment includes things such as jackhammers, floor grinders, trestles and planks, mini loaders & excavators, nail guns, water pressure cleaners, concrete saws & much, much more.

Buying these quality tools and machinery can be expensive, and storing them a headache, which is why short or long-term equipment hire makes sense – both to the profitability of your job and the storage space in your shed!

Here are some suggestions to maximise your hire value, while minimising your hire spend:

Make a list of everything you’ll need to get the job done right!
Before you contact Centenary Hire write down all the tasks you have to do in order complete your project, then check what equipment you do and don’t have. Then check the website for the types of equipment you’re looking for. Search around, don’t just name the tools you need, and then if you’re stuck, call us and tell us what you are using them for.  Sometimes we just might have a new tool that will get the job done quicker and easier.  If you’re not sure what equipment you need, ask the Hire Desk for options and their recommendations.

A picture is a thousand words.
See if our online Equipment Catalogue has a video of the equipment in action and if not, search for one on the web.  When you hire the equipment, we will give you operating and safety instructions for the equipment and often the equipment will be accompanied with printed instructions or an instruction manual.  Take a minute before you start to read the sections applicable to you, especially the sections on operator safety and operating techniques.

How long will you need the equipment?
If you know from the outset that your hire duration is likely to be more likely to be weeks rather than hours or days, ask if there is a long term hire rate.  Some items we will discount from as little as 3 weeks hire duration.

Take & return, then repeat!
Many items have a 4 hour hire rate.  Sometimes two equipment items are needed for the one job, but not necessarily at the same time.  For example: you need a concrete saw to cut across your driveway and then a jackhammer to take out the cut section.  If you take the items together the jackhammer will sit in the box until the driveway is cut, then the concrete saw will not be used while the jackhammer does it’s work.  By the time you’re done, you may be longer than 4 hours and end up paying the 1 day rate on both items when really you only needed each item for 4 hours or less.  Take the saw, make the cuts and return = 4 hour rate.  Take the jackhammer bust out the concrete & return = 4 hour rate.

Weekend & public holidays.
These times are the absolute best value for money.  In most cases, you will be able to keep equipment for two or three days &and only pay the hire rate for 1 day.

Check & clean equipment.
Before leaving the yard, or as soon as your items are delivered, make sure all hire equipment is accounted for and free of damage before letting the delivery driver go. Use the check list they provide.  Once it’s time to return the equipment, clean it of debris and dirt.  Make sure all items are accounted for and check the equipment for any accidental damage.

Do it right!
Improper use of hire equipment (accidental or intentional)  could lead to extra costs due to broken machinery and even personal injury in some cases.  Broken Council regulations could lead to statutory fines or expenses that could have been avoided. Plan ahead and set precautionary measures to ensure your project is both compliant and safe.

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