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Fire Fighters Pump

This Pump Doesn’t Suck …. Actually It Does!

Here are our updated Fire Fighters Pumps.  The new models from Australian supplier, Aussie Pumps, have an increased litres per minute capacity and pressure rating.  This combination makes the pump a great performer whether you’re sucking water out a dam to use for irrigation, sucking water out a pool to hose down your house which is under threat from fire or simply transferring water between tanks.

Using a single hose to draw water into the impeller, the Fire Fighters Pump has been configured with 3 outlets to best suit your needs.  Choose either a 38mm layflat hose for large volume delivery, a 19mm Air Hose with claw fitting to prevent the hose from kinking if you’re going around/over/though obstacles or a garden hose in either 10mm or 19mm diameter.

Call our Hire Desk on 3715 9700 for further information, or find it in our online Equipment Catalogue.

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