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The 1.7T Compact Excavator – What can it do?

The 1.7 T compact excavator is one of the most popular excavators on the market. Used for a range of tasks such as site preparation for house building, plumbing work, civil engineering, landscaping and demolition work, this excavator is a great all-rounder. Here are some of the things the 1.7 T compact excavators can do:

Perfect for Small Spaces

The tracks on this excavator retract to a width of 990mm, meaning not only will it be able to fit through side gates, but it will also be able to move between homes.  This doesn’t restrict it’s digging capabilities with a 2.3m dig depth and a 3.9m reach.  It also has zero tail swing and a swivel boom which only adds to its’ benefits in tight areas where repositioning needs to be kept to a minimum.

Can be Used for Almost Any Job

The 1.7T compact excavator is great for a range of tasks. It is available with a range of bucket sizes, plus it comes with some amazing attachment options too. Here are some of the additional options that make the 1.7 compact excavator one of the most versatile machines available:

  • A ripper attachment – is a solid attachment designed for heavy-duty environments such as digging in hard ground, working with rocks or demolition of concrete slabs and small structures. The attachment for the 1.7 T compact excavator is perfect for people who want to be able to remove trees by breaking roots both around and under the tree.
  • A sleeper grab attachment – this non-powered scissor action clamping device is usually attached to the end of the excavator boom. It can be used to lift and place heavy concrete sleepers into retaining wall channels.
  • A hydraulic rock grab attachment – do not be fooled by the name “hydraulic rock grab”. These attachments can be used for a range of purposes from moving rocks, debris, and trees to landscaping and demolition work.
  • A post hole digger – is an attachment available for this excavator. It is perfect for boring post holes.

Also known as the Kubota U17-3 Compact Excavator, the 1.7T compact excavator is a great choice of excavators for small spaces while allowing you to make light work of tough conditions. Not only that, it comes with a range of attachments, making it one of the most versatile machines you could choose. Click here to find out more.

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