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STIHL TS500i Demolition Saw

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he STIHL TS500i demolition saw offers the perfect balance between weight & power. Available at Centenary Hire since December 2015, it is the world’s first cut-off saw to utilise the technology of electric fuel injection and as a result offers superior performance for your toughest jobs.

Easy Start and Use

The computer-mapped fuel injection system is designed to continuously monitor and adjust both the fuel mixture and fuel injection as well as the ignition timing. A further benefit from the fuel injection system are the lower vibrations. This is due to the use of a lightweight piston which results in a reduced oscillating mass within the engine cylinder. In addition, the ignition timing control via the injection system allows the engine to perform optimally regardless of the size of the load.

Best of all, starting has become easier and more reliable as this two stroke machine does not have a choke. That’s right, no choke! All you’ll need to do is flip the ignition switch to on, prime the fuel and pull the cord to start it.  That easy!

Automatic Water Flow

As a standard feature the demolition saw also includes an electronic water control feature. This allows the water flow to be easily & efficiently adjusted whilst cutting.  What’s more, the water supply to the blade automatically turns on and off with the squeeze and release of the throttle.  That’s right, release the throttle and the water stops flowing. Squeeze the throttle and the water starts flowing!

Increased Power Output & Performance

The TS500i is promised to provide users with at least 20% greater power than its predecessor as the power output is increased by 0.7kW.  Coupled with a high-efficiency 7.2cc engine offering super low emissions and optimal torque during the RPM range, the increased torque means the saw is unaffected by cutting pressure forging ahead to produce a quicker, more even cut.

Cutting Wheels

The diamond wheels used by Centenary Hire are a generous balance between long cutting life and efficient cutting speed through a variety of materials.  They are suitable for cutting through even the toughest of substances; including concrete, bricks, pavers, stone, tile and more. Cutting through bitumen is not a problem either.  We have specialist blades for this task.

There are abrasive resin-fibre cutting blades available which are suitable for cutting steel as well as masonry products.


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