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Roof Tile Elevator Hire Brisbane

Send Roof Tiles Skyward with a Roof Tile Elevator

For many years, a quality roof tile elevator available for hire in Brisbane has been as rare as hens teeth.  Now we have made moves to change that.  Available immediately from Centenary Hire are Fasco brand 10m Roof Tile Elevators.

The Fasco Roof Tile Elevators, sometimes called a Tile Lifter, are easy to set up, easy to use, have an automatic stop if there is no-one to receive the tiles and whisper quiet with a 240volt electric motor.  Increase safety when manually handling roof tiles from the ground to a first or second storey roof and increase efficiency as well.  Nothing get the tiles up on the roof faster than an Roof Tile Elevator.

The Roof Tile Elevators are available for hire in Brisbane from Centenary Hire.  Collect one from our yard in Sumner Park or request that one be delivered to site.  Call our Hire Desk on 3715 9700 to make a booking or do it from our online Equipment Catalogue.

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