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Forklift Jib Attachment

Need a Different Type of Lift?

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]orklifts are great, right? The increased risk of operating a forklift in a workplace is more often than not outweighed by the reduction of risk to, and the decrease in incidents of personal injury and property damage.
This is especially true when you receive professional training from quality RTOs such as GetSkilled Australia. (Thanks guys for my forklift ticket!)

What if you could make your basic forklift even better? I don’t mean by decorating the cab but I do mean by slipping on a forklift jib attachment. Now you have just converted your forklift into a small crane. By connecting either chains or webbing slings onto the swivel hook at the end of the forklift jib attachment, you can now safely lift items from the top instead of from the bottom. Easy as that!
A forklift jib attachment is available for hire from $88.00 per day or $220.00 per week. Call our Hire Desk on 3715 9700 for more information or follow the link in the text above to view the forklift jib attachment in our online equipment catalogue.

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