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How to prepare for an outdoor Christmas party

The festive season is nearly here, so it’s time to prepare your house and yard for celebrations with family and friends. Because it is Summer here in Australia, Christmas celebrations are often outdoors, where your guests can enjoy the alfresco setting and sunshine, as well as take a dip in the pool if you have one. Read on for a guide to preparing your home for a Christmas do.


Your first job is to declutter the backyard. Remove any rubbish lying around and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way, pack away toys or pet products and move bins or other stored items to an out of the way area.

Deep Clean

Next, give the area a thorough clean. We stock a variety of useful equipment that will make tough cleaning jobs a piece of cake. A 1500PSI Electric Water Pressure Cleaner is just the ticket if your patio needs a deep clean or the 3000 PSI Water Pressure Cleaner if you don’t have easy access to a power point or simply want to do it really quickly. The addition of a 300mm rotary surface Cleaner, 400mm Rotary Surface Cleaner or 500mm Rotary Surface Cleaner is a great idea for larger areas such as driveways or tennis courts and when working around pools as they contain  the water spray and splashes. Add a turbo lance for deep cleaning the really stubborn areas as it cleans with an agitating action.

Once everything is clean, turn your attention to garden furniture. Use water pressure cleaners on a lower pressure to remove any dirt and then wipe them down or refinish with a fresh coat of paint or wood preserver.

Tidy the Garden

Take a good look at your plants, shrubs, hedges, and trees. Do they need a trim? Are there weeds everywhere? If so, spend a day tidying up your borders and greenery. Once everything looks tidy, hang solar lights in the trees and bushes, so when the sun goes down, you have lots of pretty illumination.

Tables and Chairs

Now it’s time to get down to the guests. Chances are, you might need extra chairs and tables for food and drink. We keep casual white bistro chairs and light trestle tables, which are perfect for guests, food, and drink.

Set up your chairs and tables in the shade. Erect a gazebo or canopy if your garden doesn’t have much in the way of natural shade or place the seating and eating area under the patio.

Finally, if you are expecting a lot of guests, consider a weekend hire chemical toilet, so nobody has to wait too long to use the bathroom or so that they don’t trapse through the house!

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