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Have you let your pool go?

We get it, it’s starting to cool down a bit and the kids aren’t using the pool as much as a couple of months ago. It makes sense not to throw hundreds of dollars of chemicals into the pool. But now
it’s starting to look grim…

And soon, the local duck population have decided to turn what used to be your sparkling blue oasis into their local pond. Then while we’re all huddled inside enjoying a warming coffee, the water goes cloudy and green, dirt and debris accumulate on the bottom, and it reaches the point when it becomes an eyesore, not an attraction.

It’s Time to Drain the Pool

If your swimming pool needs repairing or it is well overdue an intense clean, you may have to drain the water first. Be aware though that draining a pool can cause serious damage to its structure, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, this may be a job for a professional. Here’s what you need to drain a pool.

Vital Equipment

A Transfer Pump Unit can move large volumes of water quickly. An Electric Submersible Pump with a discharge hose can also move water from a swimming pool to a disposal area, such as a drain. If your primary aim is to repair the pool, you may also need a Puddle Sucker Pump to remove the last bit of water left at the bottom.

Removing the Sludge

A sludge pump unit is essential if a large quantity of sludge has accumulated at the bottom of the pool, which can happen when a pool is neglected. Once all the sludge and debris have been removed the pool, it is time to tackle the surface dirt on the sides and bottom of the pool, as well as the surrounding area.

Pool Cleaning

A 3000psi water pressure cleaner will make short work of cleaning a drained pool and/or the surrounding pavers. It is easy to move around and can handle tough dirt thanks to a combination of
high pressure and lots of water. You may also find a 500mm surface cleaner and a turbo lance for greater functionality. A less obvious area that you may also need to tackle is your underground pool pipework. If this has gotten clogged up you could consider hiring an electric hydrojet drain cleaner to clean out the pool pipes from the inside, removing any blockages and debris build-up, so water can flow through smoothly.

Once the pool has been thoroughly cleaned and pipework checked, carry out any essential repairs, you can refill the pool with clean water and check the chemical balance before using it.

Now it’s time to have fun using your lovely, clean swimming pool!

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