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Building Site Preparation Tips

Planning is key for the preparation of a building site. One of the first things many construction managers do is to draw up a checklist of what they will need before work commences. Here are five considerations which should feature in that checklist.

Secure Your Site with Appropriate Fencing

One of the first things that you need to put in place on your construction site is suitable fencing. Centenary Hire offers both Short Term Temporary Site Fence and Long Term Temporary Site Fence. In the case where there is a swimming pool on site, you will also need a temporary pool fence.  Fence hire is charged per meter, per week and the hire rate is discounted by 20% when hired with a chemical toilet.

Sort Out A Site Toilet

Before construction work starts, you need to ensure that the site is safe for workers which includes the necessary amenities. One of the most important things to get in place is a portable toilet. The updated design of a modern chemical toilet  makes them much more comfortable and pleasant to use than their steel sweat box predecessors.

Install Temporary Electrical Power

Until you have installed permanent power to your site, construction crews will be relying on temporary solutions to provide them with power. This Temporary Power Pole hire (from $33.00 per week incl GST) offers a variety of different amperages depending on your specific requirements. The initial connection fee will also cover the Energex crew connection the power to the premises when the temporary power pole is no longer required.

Order A Water Tank If You Need One

In the same way that building sites require temporary power infrastructure, many face a similar situation with their water supply. Until the mains water supply is ready to be turned on, a portable water tank on a stand is a good solution for your construction needs. Centenary hire offers both a 1000L Water Tank and a 2000L Water Tank for hire including a water delivery and refill service. Note that neither of these tanks are suitable for holding drinking water.

Prepare Your Site Office

If you are running a medium to large site, a site office serves as an important point of contact between your workers and site management as well as often be used for a lunchroom. Our Site Office hire (from $55.00 per week incl GST) includes air-conditioning and comes with a range of optional extras. Depending on the size of the office you opt for, we can also provide tables, chairs, fridges, hot water urns, microwaves and even plan desks.

Preparation is everything in construction. Failing to prepare properly and put everything in place before you begin can lead to you having to pause work when you realise there’s something you have overlooked. Whatever your needs, Centenary Hire has the construction equipment for you. Check out our online catalogue and order the equipment you need today.

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