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2019 A Year in Review

With 2019 now in the rear-view mirror, let’s look back at some of the equipment which was either new to the Centenary Hire offering or an upgrade of an old faithful.  Will any of these be useful for a project of yours in the new year?

The Brush Cutter is ideal for anyone that needs to get rid of thick undergrowth by using a steel blade to cut through it with ease.  It is also great with a heavy-duty nylon for use on tall grass or for creating clean lines when edging the lawn.  Even if you’ve got a large property, this tool can get the job done.

The Electric Chainsaw, despite its small appearance, packs a surprising amount of power.  It will effortlessly cut through large tree branches and even tree trunks up to approx. 30cm in diameter but is still lightweight making it easy to use.

The Sludge Pump Flexdrive Shaft is usually used on commercial building sites or in waste pits as it has a discharge of up to 63,000 litres/hour and can handle up to 60% solids suspended in water. Every now and then it gets used at a domestic residence …. for a pool which has well and truly turned and started to produce slime and muck.

Then we have the Compact Floor Saw, which as its name implies is not large and cumbersome like traditional floor saws thereby making it easy to use. Use this tool for short run concrete or even bitumen cutting instead of using the traditional demolition saw. It will make quick and easy work of your project and won’t physically drain you as the operator.

The Makita Jackhammer is perfect for tackling concrete footpaths, concrete footings around fence posts and even large rocks. This jackhammer will easily break them up, and you’ll find that the side handle will give you better grip and greater manoeuvrability throughout the job.

If you’ve got a lawn to maintain but don’t want to invest in your own lawnmower, then the 4-Stroke Lawn Mower is a must-have hire. This one is meant for suburban lawns, featuring a simple start procedure and an easy to push design that has large wheels to glide over the grass. The grass catcher will ensure that no mess is left behind.

Those with a pool in their yard will appreciate the Temporary Pool Fence which will keep the area closed off if the permanent fence has to come down for some reason. This design complies with Australian Standard pool safety codes and comes with installation information, so you’ll have peace of mind.

Finally the Earth Leakage Unit, now called a Portable Power Outlet with RCBO protection, will provide you with protection two ways.  RCD = Residual Current Device: protects against earth leakage of electrical current.  Protects PEOPLE from electrocution.  MCB = Micro Circuit Breaker: protects against electrical overload from short circuit or excessive demand.  Protects PEOPLE, EQUIPMENT & BUILDINGS from possible electrical fires.

And this is a roundup of the new and upgraded items which Centenary Hire has made available during 2019.

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