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10KVA Generator

10KVA Generator


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A 10KVA generator provides portable power for use on building sites, camp sites and work on remote properties.

Max output: 8400 watts
Continuous output: 8000 watts
Long range fuel tank.

Large vehicle with hatch back, Trailer or Ute

Don’t know how many KVA you need?
A good rule of thumb is that 1KVA is roughly equal to 1000 watts.
eg. a power tool that requires approximately 2300 watts will require a generator that has a capacity higher than 2300 watts.

Don’t know what wattage your item is?
A good rule of thumb is that the amperage (amps) of the item, multiplied by its power supply is equal to its wattage.
eg. an item with a 20amp motor that runs on 240v power (20amps x 240v = approximately 4800 watts) would require a generator that has a capacity higher than 4800 watts.

Please note: Some items such as air compressors require more watts on start up than when they are running, hence increasing the overall power requirement. This must also be taken into account when determining generator capacity.

Another good rule of thumb (last one!) … too much capacity is always better than not enough capacity.

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A 10kva generator provides portable power.